What is new in November on Toornament?

See what are the major updates on Toornament this month: a new tournament structure format, a Valorant case study and an API guide to build brackets…

New custom bracket structure

Toornament has launched the new “Custom Bracket” structure to give organizers even more freedom in creating their desired tournament format. The custom bracket structure is available in beta and works for all your duel (1 vs 1 or team vs team) tournaments. It allows you to manually create brackets with custom participant progression, which would not be feasible with the many other formats available on Toornament.

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Discover a new Valorant tournament case study

The Swedish company Stryda launched in October the Valorant Nordic Clash, a VCT Off-Season official event with an exciting $20,000 prize pool.

Stryda used both the Toornament management software and the website builder to organize the playoff stage of the Valorant competition and display the results online.

Discover the result of the collaboration >

API guides section launched

This month, we have launched a new “Guides” section in our API developer portal. The purpose of this section is to provide tutorials to use the API on your esports project.

The first guide explains how to display a bracket on an HTML page using the Toornament API and the bracket nodes’ endpoint. After reading it, the display of an elimination bracket will no longer hold any secrets for you and you will be able to perfectly integrate them into your website or your application.

Check-out the API Guide section >

The November shadow work

The development of Toornament is constant work and often done in the shadows of the big announcements available on this blog. The subjects are very varied, ranging from optimization of the tool, bug correction or graphical improvements to the interfaces for better handling.

Find below a non-exhaustive list of other improvements and corrections made this month:

  • correction of a malfunction in the use of the tournament codes in League of Legends
  • new disciplines added: EA UFC 5, Heat and Run, Warcraft Rumble and COD:MW III
  • rework of the project dashboard and plan subscription interface
  • various minor bugs in the player and organizer interface