Organizer software and website builder update

Since the release of the platform feature last May, the development team has brought new updates to both the tournament organization software and the website builder. Here is the list of the main changes.

Tournament software

Single and multiple select fields

You can now add single or multiple choice selection fields to your player and team registration forms!

Single select

You can create a single choice question with either a drop down list or a radio button, for players to choose an answer from a list you built, with the usual options (optional/required and public/private).

Configuration interface of a single select custom field

Multiple select

You can create a multiple choice question with a checkbox list. Once the list of possible choices is set up, you can define how many answers are expected, with a mandatory minimum and optional maximum. The other usual options are also present.

Configuration interface of a multiple select custom field

Registration form example with single and multiple select custom fields

The new single and multiple select custom fields are available from the Pro plan.

Main menu update

The tournament organizer software menu has been updated to improve its usability and readability.

First of all, the options previously accessible when entering the “Settings” section are now directly accessible in the main menu. Thus, you are one less click away from configuring your tournament information, its registrations, match formats or even its custom fields.

Tournament “Settings” sub-menu opened

Secondly, for more readability, the features accessible from a Pro,  Site or API plan are all indicated with a special badge. Accessing these pages without the feature enabled in the project will lead you to a specific page detailing it.

Circuit feature’s page opened from a Free Plan

Four new disciplines added

In June, 4 new disciplines have been added on Toornament so you can organize competitions on them:

  • Northgard
  • Street Fighter 6
  • Diablo IV
  • iRacing

Tournament website builder

Multilanguage website and platform

You may now create competition websites or tournament platforms with multiple languages available for your users. The languages currently available on Toornament are:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish

Additional interface languages will be added in the near future, with Arabic being the next in line, and on demand for Platform Plan customers.

New tournament list filters by circuit attributes

When you want to display on a page the list of tournaments of a competition circuit, you can now decide to display only those of a specific season, region or level, instead of all tournaments. For example, you can create a page dedicated to each Region or State of your competition, and display only the tournaments taking place there.

Final standing block

When your tournament is over, you can enter its final ranking in the Toornament organization software. If you have done so, you can then display it in one click on your website or tournament platform created with our website builder thanks to a new dedicated block.

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