Major update of the Toornament Platform

Our team has recently released the new “platform” feature that allows managing multiple platforms using the Toornament technology.

So far, all competitions were both organized and played on Toornament. Organizers were using their organizer account on the organizer back-office ( to set up and manage their competitions. Players were using their player account to manage their teams and register for tournaments on Toornament Play (

With this update, things have changed a bit. Organizers will still handle their competitions as usual on the back-office ( However, it will now be possible for competitions to take place on another platform than Toornament Play (

New platforms can now be created, allowing the creation of a whole new player experience on a separate website, with a unique brand and a different database. Players will be able to join that new platform via a dedicated account system. There, they will be able to manage new teams and play in the platform tournaments. There are no connections between players, teams and tournaments from different platforms.

Organizers will now see platform information on each project in their Toornament back-office. In most cases, it will be Toornament (all existing projects are hosted on the Toornament Play platform). A project will always indicate on what platform it takes place, meaning that all tournaments, circuits and rankings will take place on that platform, and that these competitions will involve players and teams from that platform.

Example of projects associated with the Toornament platform and a fictional ZYX Corp platform
(click to enlarge)

Learn more about platforms on our website and feel free to contact us if you want more information.