5 reasons why you should have your own tournament platform

Are you developing a brand presence in gaming, managing a large community of players or publishing your own multiplayer game? And you hesitate in the solutions to adopt to start winning over players through the organization of tournaments.

Having your own tournament platform seems to you the best choice but it is difficult to achieve in view of the technical constraints and the time required.

So as not to hesitate any longer, we give you 5 very good reasons to take the plunge, but also the solutions to get you started.

1. Increase your brand image

You have worked hard to develop your brand and its universe with your customers. It is important to capitalize on its power through your actions, including engaging your audience during tournaments. Your tournament platform must therefore be an extension of your universe.

With a customized tournament platform, your brand will stand out from the competition by offering a unique experience to players. The platform will help strengthen your brand’s position in the market and distinguish it from other companies that offer similar products or services.

2. Know your audience and collect data

Whether you are a brand, a studio or an association, knowing your audience and collecting useful data for your services are two essential things. This data can be used to better understand player trends and preferences, assess player performance and improve your brand’s products and services.

By having your own tournament platform, you can characterize your player base by collecting all the data you want and being the sole owner, without sharing it with a third party.

Finally, having your platform allows you to connect it to your own measurement tools or an existing user database.

3. Generate additional revenue

In addition to the value of the data and audiences generated by the organization of your tournaments, you can develop additional income in various ways through your platform.

For a brand, it is done through the acquisition of new users, to whom it can then offer its other services or products.

For a studio, it is to engage players during tournaments in order to increase the retention and life time value of their game.

Other possibilities are available to the managers of a platform, such as selling visibility to sponsors, displaying advertisements, setting up a ticket office or a subscription system to participate in the activities offered.

4. Centralize and structure your activities

By developing your own platform you can centralize your community activities without dividing your efforts and audience across multiple tournament management tools or sites.

You build a competitive environment by defining your own rules: registration and participation criteria, choice of games or devices, tournament rhythm and formats, participant ranking parameters, etc.

Thus, you can organize the competition to stick as closely as possible to the needs of your audience and your objectives.

5. Value your partners and master the content

The operation of a tournament platform is rarely done alone without association with third parties. It is very common to associate sponsors for its financing, streamers for its communication and community actors for the organization of tournaments.

By controlling the content of your tournament environment, you will be able to highlight your partners in the most beautiful way: display of logos, live stream and VODs, information page or dedicated layout. Depending on the needs, you will also be able to open your platform to other community leaders who will organize tournaments on it and participate in its expansion.

Create your tournament platform with Toornament

Starting the creation of your own tournament platform is a job in its own right, and is as long as it is technically risky.

This is why Toornament uses its expertise and technology to offer innovative solutions to create one’s own tournament platform. These solutions adapt to your constraints of time and internal resources.

The Platform solution

The Platform solution allows you to create and manage your own white label multi-game tournament platform without the need for an internal development team. From the dynamic display of tournament information to the registration and match reporting of players, the entire experience is offered in true white label fashion.

Moreover, with Toornament you retain control and ownership of all data generated by your tournament platform.

No need to develop your own tournament engine anymore, thus dividing the launch time of your tournament platform by a factor of 10. Focus on what matters most to you by freeing yourself from menial and technical tasks.

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The API solution

The Toornament API gives access to all the data generated by your competitions organized from our tournament management software. By connecting to the API, your development team can retrieve the data and integrate it into your own design on an existing site, creating a completely bespoke, white-labeled experience.

The API also allows you to connect your own user database to Toornament. They will be able to participate in tournaments organized from our management software without having to register on Toornament like the Platform solution.

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