Create esports tournaments website in record time

Example of turnkey templates to create its own esports tournaments website.

Top-notch feature “Circuit” has now been available for  a few weeks. Thanks to it, you can create your esports tournaments website customized in record time. Check out our video clips to learn how you can do it.

Set up your competition circuit

The Circuit feature allows organizer to manage an entire competition circuit made up of multiple tournaments, leagues, rankings and to classify them with seasons, regions and tiers.

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Create your esports tournaments website

When creating a Circuit website, you can choose from our selection of turnkey templates to launch your competition site even faster.

The template includes the competition circuit data you configured, with detailed information and tournament list. It also automatically generates a dedicated page for each tournament in your circuit.

Customize your website

Once created, you can customize all the elements of the website to make sure it is unique and corresponding to your brand. The visual interface makes it easy to modify your website, with actions such as:

  • customizing the competition displays
  • adding new information to pages
  • creating new pages for desktop or mobile

The website builder is the ultimate tool to create your own esports tournaments website, while automatically integrating up-to-date competition results. Ultimately, you can make it accessible from your own domain name.

Site plan for all your competition circuit projects

The Circuit feature, turnkey templates and website builder are all part of our lates-released plan: “Site”. Available since June, you can find more details on the Toornament Pricing page and check the first Site website templates:

If you want to know more about the Site plan, or request a demo, do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page.