New features and plans are coming up on Toornament

In 2021, the Toornament team upgraded its platform to a SaaS service to provide powerful and useful tools for all esports competition organizers. The first paid plan was successfully launched giving access to dedicated features like the API.

Since then, our team has worked on creating several plans enriched with new key features. Each of these plans has been designed to meet the specific and increasingly sophisticated needs of esports professionals: independent organizers, marketing and event agencies, video game studios and publishers, and even esports clubs.

There will be four new plans: Starter, Tourney, Series and Platform. They will gradually integrate the following new features among other existing ones:

  • up to 4,096 participants in a tournament
  • display of sponsor logos on public tournament pages
  • use of white label Widgets
  • higher API call volume
  • management of third party player accounts
  • generation of white label tournament websites and esports platforms

At the same time, Toornament will continue to guarantee free access to the basic functionalities of the tournament organization software for all amateur and esports enthusiasts.

From next March, you will be able to subscribe to the “Starter” and “Tourney” plans. They will replace the current API-centric plans of “Standards” and “Enterprises”. The “Series” and “Platform” plans will arrive quickly by the end of the year. Our team is now mobilizing to guide you in choosing the most suitable plan for your current or future competition.

We thank you for your trust and your support in this new step of the Toornament evolution. We give you an appointment at the beginning of March to discover in detail the new plans and their respective functionalities!