The Toornament engine gets expanded with new tiebreakers

Today, we are adding new in-depth tiebreakers to the Toornament engine, to let organizers fine tune their competitions by setting up detailed points attribution and tiebreaker rules.


Newly added tiebreakers can be regrouped in three categories:

  • Game-based tiebreakers (16 new tiebreakers): you can now break the ties based on the score and results of individual games within matches (say for example the number of rounds won in a CS:GO BO3 match).
  • Match losses new scope (8 new tiebreakers): The new game-based tiebreakers are now also available for the matches that a participant has lost. This is for the organizers that wish to encourage participants to fight tooth and nail even in defeat, and reward those that lose while putting up a good fight.
  • Swiss exclusive modified Buchholz (5 new tiebreakers): These ones go to our organizers that use the Swiss stages, and provide them with more options when it comes to calculating Buchholz tiebreakers, by applying it depending on the match results.

This brings the total number of available tiebreakers to 50 on the platform, that you can setup in any order and combination, for countless possibilities.
See our revamped comprehensive Tiebreaker Guide to learn more about these new tiebreakers, and see all that Toornament has to offer.