Austrian eBundesliga on Toornament

Skilled Events GmBH is an Austria-based esports company with 15 years of experience in the field. They are working with the Esports Federation of Austria to provide players all across the country with great and compelling competitions, and are notably the organizers of the biggest e-soccer league in Austria, the eBundesliga, in cooperation with the official Bundesliga.

In their search of the ideal platform to manage the competition, they found in Toornament the best alternative, thanks to our advanced engine and API. They had to be able to handle multiple qualifiers, a custom registration process and other complex challenges, all made possible thanks to our solution.

The eBundesliga website is a custom-made platform with deep Toornament integration. The registration happens directly on the website, and players can then register in tournaments depending on their place of residence and club. The tournament registration process is easy and quick thanks to the API that takes care of sending the needed information. Then, email and text notifications are sent to the players for the important steps of the competition.

During the tournaments, live results are displayed on broadcast and in live venues. This is again entirely automated, without the need for any manual refresh, and information is always up to date, and error-free.

The second season started in December 2019, and ended early February, with the crowning of the FC Red Bull Salzburg in the Team tournament, and Marcel Holy in the Solo tournament. This was the outcome of a circuit that started with 12 qualifiers, one for each of the main soccer clubs participating in the competition, and ended with a Main Event in Vienna.

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