A varied selection of Open Tournaments for you this week!

It’s summer, and you’re not at the beach? Maybe you’d rather play in one of our many Open Tournaments, organized by our community or professional organizers.
This is just a selection, so feel free to scout the whole list to find what you are really looking for!

clashroyale Clash Royale Open Tournaments

us ESWC Gamescom Q.3by ESWC – Online 96 Players 29/07/2017 Register

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Open Tournaments

europe The Major (for you)by BGLCSGO – Online 24 Teams 01/08/2017

fifa17 FIFA 17 Open Tournaments

germany PumaFragrances Cup
by Webedia Gaming Gmbh – Online
32 Players 01/08/2017 Register

hearthstone Hearthstone Open Tournaments

us Honorable Seppukuby BloodyOx Esports – Online 16 Players 28/07/2017 Register

lol League of Legends Open Tournaments

denmark CBE Tournamentby CrossBorder eSport – Online 100 Teams 19/08/2017 Register

overwatch Overwatch Open Tournaments

france Oserv OW Party #6by Oserv Esports – Online 16 Teams 01/08/2017 Register

r6s Rainbow 6 Siege Open Tournaments

US NexTy Cup
by NexTy Team – Online
64 Teams 01/08/2017 Register

rocketleague Rocket League Open Tournaments

france FDJ Open Series #15by FDJ Esports – Online 256 Teams 30/07/2017 Register

splatoon2 Splatoon 2 Open Tournaments

france KenBogard Cup#1by KenBogard – Online 8 Teams 31/07/2017 Register

sf5 Street Fighter V Open Tournaments

france FDJ Open Series #8by FDJ Esports – Online 256 Players 31/07/2017 Register

vainglory Vainglory Open Tournaments

US Lunaris Draft NA-SEA-EU
by Lunaris – Online
256 Teams 29/07/2017

You are an organizer, and would like us to showcase one of your upcoming tournaments? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook!