We have plenty of tournaments for you to follow in January

Smite started 2017 on a bang with its World Championship and now the crazy Esports calendar resumes, starting right this week.

Plenty of great tournaments will be held soon, filling once again your week-ends with loads of action and skill.

Check out all the competitions we’re covering in January and be sure to bookmark your favorites on our mobile app!


2016 ended with a very open scene. The rise of North and South America, the numerous European shuffles shaked the CS:GO scene like never before. Who will you bet on?


With the “Year of the Kraken” Standard cards about to end for a brand new era, players are still tweaking their “Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan” decks. Jade Golems, Jade Golems everywhere!

Dota 2

Between two Majors, Dota 2 and brand new 7.00 metas make each tournament a valuable experiment ground for teams.

Starcraft II

Blizzard’s RTS is far from dead! With the highly entertaining Nation Wars and Scarlett in the prestigious GSL Code S, there will be a lot to cheer for.

League Of Legends

The largest Esports league in the world comes back with a new patch (7.1), new rosters and new sources of revenues. Enough to be excited for.

2017 LCK Spring Split
2017 LPL Spring Split
2017 EU LCS Spring Split
2017 NA LCS Spring Split
2017 LMS Spring Split