Follow Blizzcon 2016 with Toornament

Blizzard fans rejoice! The annual Blizzcon will hold the largest tournaments for your favorite games, starting Oct. 26th to Nov 5th. As always, our coverage team will keep you up to date with all the scores and videos.


The first Blizzard-sanctionned tournament will take place as a huge all-stars tournament with progamers and streamers from all around the world. Support your favorite country!



RNG and Salt lovers will gather by the fireside to watch the best deck builders and BMers of the year clash with various decks. Time to mulligan!


Starcraft II

All eyes will be on Neeb, the young American prodigy and first “foreigner” to win a premier tournament on Korean soil. Can he confirm?


Heroes Of The Storm

Just before the release of the Heroes Brawl mode, let’s enjoy some huge team battles happening around various objectives.