Use case: Poké Party

Our “Use Case” series are back! As we often feature professional events, we also want to highlight our amateur scene, with great grassroot and friendly events using Toornament.


Here’s how Nicolas from Montréal set up Toornament to manage his friendly Pokemon event, the Poké Party.

Hello Nicolas, let’s get to know you!

Hey Toornament! I consider myself as an seasoned
player not a progamer though.

I started on Nintendo systems at a very young
age as I’ve always had a thing for video games that are both intuitive,
inclusive and competitive. My favourite games are Super Smash Bros WiiU, Mario
Kart 8
, Tetris and Puyo Puyo.

Do you regularly organize

I helped and consulted on
some tournaments, but the Poké Party was my first as head admin.


What’s your goal with Poké

I’ve been inviting friends at my
place to play video games for some years now, setting up mutiple gaming spots and
playing all day. This time, I wanted to spice things up with a real tournament.

Why Pokémon?

Pokémon’s turns 20this
year, what a better way to celebrate than run a themed event? Some of my
friends actually never played Pokémon, so it was also a great way to introduce
them to the series, picking Pokémon Stadium on the good old Nintendo 64…


How, did you use Toornament?

13 participants showed up. To
speed up the qualification process, I went for the Swiss System format,
providing a maximum match cap for each player. The 6 best players then
qualified for the Single Elimination Playoffs.


We also projected a
Toornament TV on the wall, so that all the participants could follow the latest
results and keep up to date with their next match. One last cool stuff: I
reported all the scores and results from my mobile phone.

Any improvements and

I wish the participants could
report their scores and results themselves, so that I could spend more time
enjoying the event. But I just learned it’s now possible 🙂


Thanks for sharing your experience Nicolas!

Thank you guys!