How the Arcana Cup is operating thanks to Toornament

Today, we meet with Yannick and Benjamin, the people behind the Arcana Cup, a tournament platform for Hearthstone players.



How did you start Arcana Cup?

We wanted to create a simple to use tournament platform based on solid foundations. We thus started to use Toornament very early on as it fits our needs and offer features never seen elsewhere, to retain control over the way we run our tournaments. We knew your API was in the works.



Why Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is the perfect game to reach a large audience. It’s both easy to learn, free and popular. Anybody can join a tournament in its spare time – and no need for a team. We saw the opportunity to run tournaments open to all regardless of their level or card collection.



What are your next goals?

We want to grow the platform and the community by adding more games – and maybe sponsors. As of now, most of tournaments award a little prize money, funded with our personal finances. Bigger prizes is one of the goals! The first step to this is being approved by Blizzard, our tournaments are now part of the HCT.

How is your typical event?

Very straightforward. The participant logs in with his Battle.Net ID and can then register for the tournament he wants. The day of the tournament, he then joins the dedicated lobby and can check his next opponent and current position in real time as the results are added. The hard part is to win the game 🙂
After the tournament ends, the participants rankings are into the general ladder account. We then run a monthly invitational tournament with all the best players

How do you rely on Toornament?
We use nearly all the API functions to generate and run our tournaments. The regular dashboard comes in handy when a manual edit is required.

Your future use of Toornament?
Our roadmap goes through more games and a higher tournament rate. We’re also thinking about Paid Registration, as we’re now Trusted Users.

Share your suggestions with us!
We can’t wait for additional API endpoints, like participants placement, or tournament description. And of course, running  tournaments with Paid Registration through the API!