Now handling up to 256 participants!

Bigger is Better

We’re happy to announce that our maximum participants size has been buffed from 128 to 256! We released this feature for some of our partners like Gamers Assembly and Dreamhack a few weeks back and now, we’re rolling it out for everyone!


This upgrade is the visible part of a deeper change in our architecture approach. Good news is the only change that you’ll experience when generating a toornament is that the process will occur in the background for a few seconds, depending on your tournament size.

You may thus see new messages like these ones:


Note that triple-phase structures (i.e. groups + groups + bracket) are still maxed at 128 participants while League format goes up to 32 participants.

What’s next ?

As we said before, this new upper limit is the first step to a larger infrastructure overhaul which aims to raise the bar even higher.

And when we say “higher”, we mean it: in the next months, Toornament will be able to
handle up to 4096 participants! Do you hear us, EVO?

Yet, “With great powers comes great responsibility”: This huge amount of participants also raises UI challenges. We’ve already shown you how large is a 128 participants bracket. A 4000+ one – or even 1000+ – would lead to an uber-heavy, hard to navigate webpage.

Until then, we’ll work on smooth an natural visualizations designed with these gigantic structures in mind. We’ll keep you in touch, as always. In the meantime, enjoy your 256 participants tournaments!