Building a custom tournament structure for the Just Dance World Cup

Back in August, we were contacted by Ubisoft and the ESWC organizing committee. The Just Dance World Cup 2015 required a specific tournament format, due to exceptional schedules and logistic contraints they had to face during the incoming Paris Games Week, where the competition will take place.


The Just Dance World Cup spans over 4 days and 2 different zones. Even tho it handles “only 18” participants, the tournament has to fill in schedules dealing with other events and tournaments.

Here’s what Ubisoft and the ESWC needed:

• A Qualifying Phase with:
– 3 Qualifying Groups of 6 players;
The top 4 qualify for the Qualifying Playoff stage;
– 1 Qualifying Playoff for each group;
The top 2 qualify for the Group Final stage;

• A Final Phase, consisting of:
– 1 Final Group of 6 players;
The top 4 qualify for the Final Playoff stage;
– 1 Final Playoff stage with immediate elimination.

This unique structure fits perfectly with all the contraints from both ESWC and Ubisoft: 2 stages, 4 phases, groups played in a dedicated gaming zone in the morning, playoffs played on stage during the afternoon.


We thus designed a custom tournament structure from the ground and came up with this :

It’s been a very interesting experience, as Toornament architecture makes custom structures easy to develop. From there, we’ll built a proper tournament editor for end users to easily create and customize your own structures.

In the meantime, if you have a unique structure you’d like to use, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do!