Toornament powers the ESWC Winter 2017

The ESWC Winter is upon us and we’re proud to power their tournaments! As always, this pioneer Esports event is the perfect showcase of our tools and solutions (and a great playground to release new ones).


Here are all the tournaments to follow this week end, Feb. 17-19:

Call of Duty

The CWL Paris Open is poised to be one of largest CoD tournament in history. With more than 60 top teams from all around the world, the largest North American powerhouses armada ever and a whopping $100,000 money prize, brace yourself for the craziest weekend of all!

Note – the tournament is split in 3 phases:

Open Bracket

Pool Play

Championship Bracket

Clash Royale

Following the great success of the first ESWC tournament last November at Paris Games Week, Clash Royale is back for more. After 7 massive qualifiers, 32 finalists bring their favorite mobile device and duke it out to see who’s the King of the kings!

League Of Legends

The HP Omen Trophy is one of the great French tournaments initiated by Millenium and HP Omen. Rising French teams teams will clash for the national title, the bragging rights and a spot in the EU Challenger Series.

Just Dance World Cup 2017 – World Finals

The grand finals of the Just Dance World Cup are set once again on the ESWC stage! Fan favorites Diegho and Dina are back to challenge their fiercest challenger in some epic dance off.

We’re gonna be on site, feel free come by and meet us!

Toornament Menu: What to Watch, Where to Play #3

As your Esports platform, Toornament brings you many tournaments to follow and even more to participate in.

Check out all our “Games” sections and browse the “Featured” and “Open” tabs. Here are some noteworthy picks from our staff:


2017 GSL Season 1 – Code S

The most prestigious Starcraft II competition in the world now pits all of the Korean masters. The groupstages alone are a beautiful display of macro and micro skills. Sit and enjoy the streams and VODs from this week-end matches!

Also worth watching


Vainglory Blitz North America

Want to challenge hi-level Vainglory players and maybe earn some hard earned money? The VGL Blitz tournaments are definitely what you are looking for. Register fast as success fills each tournament really fast (here’s the European one).

Also worth playing

The real Esports opportunity lies in their ecosystem

Here’s a great column by The Chernin Group’s Edward Chang on :

eSports: The missed billion-dollar opportunity for publishers and platforms

Now, we don’t usually publish opinion piece on our blog but this it’s hard to pass on this one. You should read it.

tl;dr Esports belong to publishers and this can be a hurdle for third-party start-ups and platforms. If publishers want to thrive in Esports, they have to nurture a dedicated ecosystem.

Spoiler Chang nailed it.

The post goes through the relationship between the top Esports publishers and the Esports platforms. With a defensive / conservative approach to their game, publishers seem to slow things down and only think short term. Esports are about long term vision.


Credit: Newzoo

Advanced statistics, tournament organization, bets, in-game items, replays, spectating experience and custom services are some of the many opportunities which could amplify the Esports reach and economy.

At Toornament, we’re blessed to be integrated with some of the major games and work hard to integrate with more, at a deeper level. We’re an Esports platform but we believe that the real platforms are the games themselves. They must be the source and epicenter of a rich ecosystem of integrated services and businesses, in which all parties will benefit from each other.

Video games are closed products, but Esports must be an open platform. If we keep this in mind, the industry will really thrive.

Read: eSports: The missed billion-dollar opportunity for publishers and platforms

Toornament Menu: What to Watch, Where to Play #2

As your Esport platform, Toornament brings you many tournaments to follow and even more to participate in.

Check out all our “Games” sections and browse the “Featured” and “Open” tabs. Here are some noteworthy picks from our staff:


6 Invitational PC

Siege is the latest Tom Clancy’s game and the first major Esport for Ubisoft. Hot on its promising first year, the game is now having its largest tournament to date with $200,000 money prize. Montreal will feel the heat in February!

Also worth watching



The competitive Hearthstone season offers great opportunities for the best deck masters to shine. Addict is launching its tournament for no less than 256 players, with precious points for the 2017 Hearthstone Europe Championship Tour to grab. Register here!

Also worth playing

Here are the games Toornament integrates with

At Toornament, we believe in-game integration is the future. Esports disciplines and Esports platform are bound to communicate with each others to bring upgraded features, smoother management, richer content and ultimately, better competitive experience.


We’re working with all video game studios on such opportunities through our free API.

Here are some of our best integrations to date:

League of Legends


Type: Tournament Code

With Tournament Codes, participants of a match automatically join the lobby before the match. After the game, Results and stats are automatically displayed.

Learn more:

Dota 2


Type: Match ID

Dota 2 provide a unique ID for each match played on Valve’s servers. These Match IDs allow us to retrieve advanced statistics from the game.

Learn more:

Type: Management softwares

Counter-Strike offers a more advanced approach on Match management. Dedicated softwares such as eBot and Adminbot are game changers, bringing in many options and stats. Toornament is now supported by both solutions.

Learn more:

Type: Match ID

The cult board game has an equally passionate community fo its video game adaptation. We worked with deveolpper Cyanide Studios to get Match IDs you can simply copy/paste in tournament to retrieve results and stats.

Learn more:

Interested in working with us and plugging your game with our Esport Platform? Fire us a mail,!

Toornament Menu: what to watch, where to play

As your Esport platform, Toornament brings you many tournaments to follow and even more to participate in.

Check out all our “Games” sections and browse the “Featured” and “Open” tabs.

In the meantime, here are our picks.


ELeague Major

The first CS:GO Major operated by the famous ELeague is about to enter its final phase. Eight “Legendary” teams remain after gruesome fights in the Swiss Round. You can check all its results and video.

Worth watching


OMEN by HP TROPHY – Qualifier #1

The League of Legends OMEN by HP TROPHY will take place at ESWC Winter with 10.000€ to grab. You can make it through two Qualifiers. The first one takes place this week end, assemble your team and register!

Worth playing

[Participants] Pick & Ban is now available on our Mobile app

The very popular “Pick & Ban” feature for Hearthstone is now available on our mobile app Toornament eSports!

The process is very straightforward: when you register and get confirmed for a tournament, you will be asked to pick the classes you’ll use for your matches.


Now, go on your match page, where you’ll see your picked classes and your opponent’s ones.

If the “Ban” phase is part of the rules, click on the lower button to choose the class you’ll ban from your opponent.


You can see which class your opponent banned once your own ban is done. You’re all set, may the Top Deck gods be with you!

Download Toornament eSports for free:

[Participants] Looking for an open Esport tournament? We have plenty for you!

Looking for an Esport tournament to have some fun, hone your skills or grind your way to the pros? Say no more and just check our hundreds of Open tournaments. You just need to register soon enough and get confirmed by the organizer.


Here’s a selection of active or incoming Open tournaments on some of the most popular Esports:

League of Legends

Check all the League Of Legends tournaments


Check all the Heartstone tournaments

Dota 2

Check all the Dota 2 tournaments


Check all the FIFA 17 tournaments

Counter-Strike: GO

Check all the CS:GO tournaments

Clash Royale

Check all the Clash Royale tournaments

Keep it in mind from now on: if you want to play, pay us a visit!

[Organizers] How To Manage Your Tournament Registrations

Registration is a crucial part of your tournament: it’s the first contact and feeling your participants will get when engaging with you and it’s super important that they feel good!

Here’s our little guide to handle registrations like a boss!

Setting your Registrations right


Create your tournament and check the “Use Toornament to manage registrations” box.

Open the “Settings > Registration” menu. From there, you can set the Registration opening and ending dates and add custom messages.


Custom Field


Toornament handles custom fields, so that your participants can add useful information, like their LoL or Blizzard IDs.

Go to “Settings > Participant > Player Custom Field” and set the ones your need. Learn more about the Player Custom Fields here.

Spread the word!


Toornament gives you a wide array of tools to promote your tournament and keep your participants up-to-date.

Registration widgets, direct link and mobile app will help you bring your Registration process to your target audience in a natural way.



Last but not least, validate your registered players 🙂 They will automatically become participants of your tournament and enter the competition!

We have plenty of tournaments for you to follow in January

Smite started 2017 on a bang with its World Championship and now the crazy Esports calendar resumes, starting right this week.

Plenty of great tournaments will be held soon, filling once again your week-ends with loads of action and skill.

Check out all the competitions we’re covering in January and be sure to bookmark your favorites on our mobile app!


2016 ended with a very open scene. The rise of North and South America, the numerous European shuffles shaked the CS:GO scene like never before. Who will you bet on?


With the “Year of the Kraken” Standard cards about to end for a brand new era, players are still tweaking their “Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan” decks. Jade Golems, Jade Golems everywhere!

Dota 2

Between two Majors, Dota 2 and brand new 7.00 metas make each tournament a valuable experiment ground for teams.

Starcraft II

Blizzard’s RTS is far from dead! With the highly entertaining Nation Wars and Scarlett in the prestigious GSL Code S, there will be a lot to cheer for.

League Of Legends

The largest Esports league in the world comes back with a new patch (7.1), new rosters and new sources of revenues. Enough to be excited for.

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2017 LPL Spring Split
2017 EU LCS Spring Split
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