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[Organizers] How To Manage Your Tournament Registrations

Registration is a crucial part of your tournament: it’s the first contact and feeling your participants will get when engaging with you and it’s super important that they feel good!

Here’s our little guide to handle registrations like a boss!

Setting your Registrations right


Create your tournament and check the “Use Toornament to manage registrations” box.

Open the “Settings > Registration” menu. From there, you can set the Registration opening and ending dates and add custom messages.


Custom Field


Toornament handles custom fields, so that your participants can add useful information, like their LoL or Blizzard IDs.

Go to “Settings > Participant > Player Custom Field” and set the ones your need. Learn more about the Player Custom Fields here.

Spread the word!


Toornament gives you a wide array of tools to promote your tournament and keep your participants up-to-date.

Registration widgets, direct link and mobile app will help you bring your Registration process to your target audience in a natural way.



Last but not least, validate your registered players 🙂 They will automatically become participants of your tournament and enter the competition!

We have plenty of tournaments for you to follow in January

Smite started 2017 on a bang with its World Championship and now the crazy Esports calendar resumes, starting right this week.

Plenty of great tournaments will be held soon, filling once again your week-ends with loads of action and skill.

Check out all the competitions we’re covering in January and be sure to bookmark your favorites on our mobile app!


2016 ended with a very open scene. The rise of North and South America, the numerous European shuffles shaked the CS:GO scene like never before. Who will you bet on?


With the “Year of the Kraken” Standard cards about to end for a brand new era, players are still tweaking their “Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan” decks. Jade Golems, Jade Golems everywhere!

Dota 2

Between two Majors, Dota 2 and brand new 7.00 metas make each tournament a valuable experiment ground for teams.

Starcraft II

Blizzard’s RTS is far from dead! With the highly entertaining Nation Wars and Scarlett in the prestigious GSL Code S, there will be a lot to cheer for.

League Of Legends

The largest Esports league in the world comes back with a new patch (7.1), new rosters and new sources of revenues. Enough to be excited for.

2017 LCK Spring Split
2017 LPL Spring Split
2017 EU LCS Spring Split
2017 NA LCS Spring Split
2017 LMS Spring Split


2017 – The Esport Preview

2016 has been an incredible year for Esports, with wider recognition from governments, stronger commitment from video game publishers, stability improvement for teams and players and overall, more money.

In the wake of 2016, 2017 is poised to be another exciting year for Esports, but we feel it could be the Risky year -which makes it even more exciting. Here’s how and why :



The largest Esports publisher is Blizzard indeed, with 4 full-fledged disciplines. But each one of them is facing a challenge of some sort:

  • Overwatch is highly popular, but its fast-paced nature makes it a pain to spectate. How do you make a 12 people fast-FPS with MOBA elements easy to watch? We hope they have the answers over at Blizzard, as the Overwatch League will start this year.
  • Starcraft II is still the undisputed king of RTS, but the genre is waning as MOBAs took over in the last few years. Blizzard has a great game, but need to offer something different to reinvigorate its scene.
  • Hearthstone is another huge hit in the Blizzard roster. The TCG is followed by hordes of devoted fans. But on the Esports’ side, many question the weight of Random Factors, creating insanely entertaining moments, while penalizing the best players. We’ll closely follow if the next expansion help tackle this hotly discussed topic.
  • Heroes of the Storm is struggling, simple as that. Despite its different approach of the MOBA genre, the Blizzard all-stars brawler never got the required traction to spawn a healthy scene. Let’s see if the new modes will kickstart the game for good.


Heavily relying on its star IP Call of Duty, Activision arrived late on the Esports scene but finally did so all guns blazing (no pun intended). Throwing heavy Esports effort with a rich league, Activision still has to cope with the lower sales CoD has been experiencing for years now. Can Esports save the largest video game saga in the world?

The avalanche of huge tournaments around the worlds like the 100K Paris Open @ ESWC Winter seems to think so.



2016 was an interesting year for Riot. League Of Legends stays on the Esports throne by a long margin, but faces unprecedented critics from team owners and fans alike. From the LCS format to the shared revenue, Riot will have to address many complaints if they want to keep their game relevant, as it enters a maturity phase after years of mad growth.

Riot announced many changes for 2017, from the crowdfunded money prize, to broadcasting rights and shared revenues with the LCS teams. It will be interesting to see how these changes work out.

Electronic Arts


One of the best upsets in Esports has been FIFA 17. While football games have always been heavy on sales while light on Esports, the FUT mode changed the deal. Allowing players to build a fantasy team from scratch, FUT brought the virtual side that makes Esports so attractive to a sport simulation, while empowering players with real coaching skills. We can’t wait to see if FIFA will really grow from there and reach the top tier Esports club.



2016 has been great for Valve. The International broke even more records, Dota 2 v.7.00 feels like Dota 3 and CS:GO is still thriving. A bit too much, one might say. With a very open scene, the legendary FPS calendar became crowded with redundant competitions, chiping away the teams’ value. We know that Valve has been gradually building an official calendar for both Dota and CS:GO through its Major system. 2017 may be the year some major independent competitions disappear while a few lucky ones make it into Valve’s agenda…

The new kids in town


2016 showed that it’s really hard to break into the Esports club. Few games have lively community and pro scene. Fans and pro-gamers alike can’t follow too many games. But Esports are damn too exciting to pass on and 2017 will welcome rookies trying to grind their way to the top.

Ubisoft’s “For Honor” is clearly labelled as an effort to build an Esports scene. Despite its unique pitch (Knights vs Samurai vs Vikings Team Deathmatches), For Honor will benefit from lessons learned on “Rainbow 6 : Siege”.

One of our favorite competitive game from 2016 will be officially out in 2017: Steam’s favorite “Battlerite” is a great, highly skilled Arena Brawler, the kind you can’t put down once you’ve tried it. We hope it will become the next Rocket League, an independent game with a huge and active community.

Last but not least, Clash Royale may confirm its impressive 2016 start. Supercell’s latest mobile hit has proven it is worthy of the Esports moniker, with great tournaments and a very active scene. Everything points toward the real Mobile Esports awakening in 2017. Wanna bet?

2016: A Year of Breakthroughs

2016 has been loaded with new features, updates and low-level changes. From our new frontpage to the constant flow of key features integrated in our Mobile App, we remain true to our original statement: deliver the most powerful free Esport platform in the world.

Take a look at the main breakthrough we came up with this year!



In 2016, Toornament took a turn: we opened our platform to a broader audience: participants and fans. With featured tournaments and participants interactions, we revamped our website from a B2B platform to B2C one.



Our mobile app keeps growing at high pace. 2016 brought key features to make Toornament eSports the best companion app for all Esports fans and players.



One of the biggest evolution of Tournament this year has been it’s opening towards participants: with a dedicated dashboard, match reporting and tournaments tracking on the mobile app, players can now enjoy the power of Toornament as their organizers peers did!



The total integration with Esports is our long term focus. Toornament already talks with LoL and DotA APIs. Going further, we now support LoL Tournament Codes for easy matchmaking. FPS-wise, we made a big leap with CS:GO, as popular match management softwares Ebot and AdminBot support us.



Advanced users need advanced tools and we deliver. Our API has seen some major new functions and improvements, helping Esport professionals (video game developers and organizers) to harness the power of Toornament to suit their needs.



On the heels of our first infographic in 2015, we kept on pushing our data in informative and beautiful infographics covering major events and meaningful stats.



Expanding from our Twitter account, we took on Facebook and Youtube with differents goals. Youtube will be the home of our growing video production, while Facebook is designed as you go-to Esport Calendar. Like and subscribe!

Yes, it’s been a loaded year and guess what: 2017 will be even better, as we’ve now joined the Webedia family. Stay tuned and thank you for using Toornament!

2017 Preview: New Structure and Placement process!

Toornament is onto a deep changes for 2017 and we’re happy to share them with you today!

The most prominent change is focused on the Structure creation process. Until now, creating a Structure meant picking a Structure template which can’t be modified, just reseted.


Gone are the structure templates, you can now pick a stage… and add another one, and another one, and so on! You can add as many stages as you want, one at a time.

This new approach is perfect, i.e if you want to add a tie-break stage between Groups and Playoffs, or split your participants in an “Elite” bracket for the best ones and an “Amateur” bracket for the struggling ones.

By making our competition stages independant from each other, we give you more freedom and flexibility.

This change brings another big one: the Placement process.

Until now, the Placement process is split between two sections: Seeding is done in the “Participants” menu, while the placement itself is done in the “Placement” menu.

We merged them together into a simplified yet more powerful and flexible Placement menu.


First, you can add participants in the Stage either by assigning them in the seeding list on the left or by manually placing them in the structure view on the right.

Note: adding participants in your stage will also become more flexible. You can for example add any participant from your tournament list. Filters like “Checked In” or “Qualified: from Previous Stage” Participants will help you see through more easily.


Furthermore, we’ve added useful options to help you better seed you participants, like locking participants which enables you to generate a semi-random seeding with the unlocked ones.

Last but not least, our smart Seeding methods are still available to help you make the best choices.

We can’t wait to deliver these update into your hands and see what you can do with them!

[Organizers] How to change the size of your tournament

It is possible to change many specs of your tournament and its size is part of it.

Having last-minute guests or registration, want to welcome more participants? You can change the size of your tournament at will. To do that, re-pick your Tournament Structure.


Go in the “Structure” menu and select “Change”. Re-pick your structure, change the Tournament size and confirm.


Still, you must keep in mind that changing the size of a tournament means all the stages, matches, and results will be reset.

The Capcom Cup 2016 infographic by Toornament.com

Ah, Capcom Cup!

As we cover the major Espors tournaments in the world, we started producing exhaustive infographics a year ago, with the 2015’s Capcom Cup and it’s a real treat to end this year back with this incredible Street Fighter tournament.

Since last year, we beefed up our goals and added manual event logging, to bring you even more stats: throws, V-Triggers and Critical Arts were all logged by our team! Enjoy and share the most advanced Capcom Cup breakdown:


We hope you appreciate this work and we invite you to check our dedicated Capcom Cup tournament page, with all the results, scores and replays :

Support your local Esport association

From traditional media to traditional sports clubs, Esport is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Last, but not least, governments are embracing the movement and build legal and economic frames to structures our booming industry.

Following the steps of South Korea, several countries have pledged to support their local scenes, opening talks with national federations and associations.


France Esport and the French government

Quebec is one of the latest case: The Canadian province of Quebec now considers Esports as skill-based competitions. Until now, they were clasified as “publicity contests”. This victory for the FQSE (the local Esport federation) follows a similar one in France, were France eSports association helped the government separated Esport from luck-based games and is willing to authorize Esports matches on television – they are still considered adds for a video game.

All these progresses in Quebec, France, but also Spain, Great Britain, Russia, Finland or Malta were made possible because of Esport fans, volunteers and professionals pushing the boundaries. We at Toornament are also involved in numerous Esports initiative and we hope you’ll join the movement make yourself and your local Esport community heard by your officials!


[Organizers] Use Toornament and Ebot for better CS:GO competitions

Great news for all of you CS:GO tournament organizers: leading CS:GO admin tool eBot now supports Toornament!


This partnership is made with productive organizers in mind, as it will allow them to both automate match management and retrieve results and rich statistics!

The recipe is fairly straightforward: Setup your competition with Toornament, handle your matches with eBot. Here’s the guide to plug Toornament on eBot:

On Toornament

  1. Create your tournament
  2. Pick a format, register and place your participants
  3. Define Match Format and Maps Pool

With the Toornament API

eBot uses our API to be able to import matches from Toornament and add results and statistics.


  1. Request an API activation
  2. Create an app

On eBot

There are two ways to install eBot:

  1. Here’s the complete Linux tutorial.
  2. You can use a docker image, works on Linux, Windows and macOS

Once eBot is set up, configure it with your Toornament API keys in the config file.


Open the Toornament tab in your menu.

  1. Select your tournament.
  2. Import your matches

Double-check time: Set your match format on Toornament, or the Import List will remain empty. Note that a “Game” on Toornament is a “Match” on eBot. If you’ve set a map per game in Toornament, they’ll show up in eBot.

Go back in the Matches tab in your menu: Start your match on eBot, the tournament will then automatically progress on Toornament.com


So, get started now with eBot and run the best CS:GO tournaments!

Adminbot user? Toornament is also supported by AdminBot!