The Just Dance World Cup 2017 Infographic

Toornament, back at it with the colorful infographics! Last February, Paris hosted the first ESWC Winter. One of its 4 tournaments were the electric Finals of the 2017 Just Dance World Cup. The 18 best Just Dancers in the world gathered show their moves, precision and style. And they did not disappoint, with crazy matches, … Continue reading “The Just Dance World Cup 2017 Infographic”

The Capcom Cup 2016 infographic by

Ah, Capcom Cup! As we cover the major Espors tournaments in the world, we started producing exhaustive infographics a year ago, with the 2015’s Capcom Cup and it’s a real treat to end this year back with this incredible Street Fighter tournament. Since last year, we beefed up our goals and added manual event logging, … Continue reading “The Capcom Cup 2016 infographic by”

#Worlds 2016: the Toornament infographic

The #Worlds are just over and while SK Telecom are still celebrating their third title, our coverage team has compiled the tournament’s stats. From crucial information to trivias, here’s our take on the 2016 World Championship! If you want all the scores, match stats and videos, check out the tournament page or this widget. And … Continue reading “#Worlds 2016: the Toornament infographic”

DOTA 2: The Post-TI6 Roster Shuffle Infographic

Our coverage team has been following the DOTA 2 scene with and exhaustive coverage of The International 2016 and our massive infographic. We wanted to end this season’s coverage and start the new one with a report tracking all the roster shuffle which happened these last couple of weeks for the TI6 teams. Retirements, transfers, … Continue reading “DOTA 2: The Post-TI6 Roster Shuffle Infographic”