Why manage your school esports competition with Toornament

Esports is gaining in popularity and steadily reaching more and more various audiences over time. This is particularly true with young people for whom esports and video games have become hobbies of choice. It is therefore quite natural that schools around the world have opened up to the discipline for several years now.

Middle and high schools, colleges and universities have included esports in many of their school curricula to help develop students’ skills, social emotional attributes and prepare them for careers in the industry.

This is for example the case in the United States of America where more than 175 colleges and universities are members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports and offer varsity esports programs. More than 8,600 high schools have started video-gaming teams since 2018 and esports is recognized as an official sport by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Of course, other countries are not outdone and multiply initiatives to include esports in one way or another in their program. But most of them express a common need to organize esports competitions for their students and with other schools to replicate the model of school sports leagues and tournaments.

Empower your school esports program

Toornament solution can help esports school program managers, student associations, coaches and other organizers involved to manage their leagues and tournaments.

The extreme flexibility of the software allows organizers to create seasonal team leagues and regular cups open to thousands of participants. The variety of possible structure formats and depth of configuration will adapt to the competition constraints, and not the other way around.

Thanks to the Toornament circuit feature, schools can manage and classify their esports tournaments across multiple games and seasons. They can also create tiers to separate participants according to their level of play, or gather tournaments depending on their location. This allows you to group and unify your different esports activities in one place.

Schools have the choice between a catalog of more than 500 disciplines including Rocket League, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, APEX and Valorant.

Keep the control over the student and competition data

Student and competition data are sensitive and have to be managed carefully by all parties involved in the school tournament organization. That’s why with Toornament, schools keep the control of their competition data. They may create, edit, export and delete participants’ information at any time. Toornament only handles the participants’ data for the good running of competitions, and doesn’t re-sell or use it for marketing or commercial purpose.

On Toornament, schools can specify their own tournament rules and privacy policy to inform their students about how they collect and use their data to keep the registration process compliant with their local legislation.

Schools can also develop their own registration process on their website, with possible connection to external solutions and databases. Once done, the relevant information will be sent to Toornament thanks to our API feature.

Showcase your school and its values

Offering competitions in your school colors is essential to reinforce the sense of belonging to the school and the image that it reflects. Toornament provides different tools to create white-label competitions and display them in your own school branding.

You may also opt to enrich an existing website by adding a dynamic widget. It displays the tournament data you want: brackets, rankings, schedule, results etc.

For a tailor-made experience, our integrated website builder and its WYSIWYG interface lets you create a competition website that fits your school visual identity, with a custom domain name. We take care of the hosting, maintenance and security to let you focus on what matters for you and your students.

Visit our demo school website created with the Toornament builder: https://site.toornament.com/5982034128434266112/

Ultimately, the Toornament API grants access to all of the competition data and lets you display them on an external website without having to develop a costly technology to do so. The website will remain up to date at all times, thanks to API automation.

Take the control with Toornament

Toornament is the perfect suite of solutions and tools for all schoolseducational esports managers and student associations that wish to manage competitions on their own.

If you want to discuss your school esports competition and request a Toornament demo, do not hesitate to reach out via our contact page.