Use Case: Super Evil Megacorp (Vainglory)

Last week-end was played the first ever Western Unified Tournament in Vainglory, with teams from both Europe and North America competing for the honor of being the first champion, and their fair share of the $60.000 Cash Prize.
In case you missed it, all the results can be found on Toornament:

We’ve been working hand in hand with Super Evil Megacorp from the get go, in their attempt at making their game a huge esports title, and it’s time to take a look back at the long way already made, and what’s still to do.

First things first, please introduce yourself and your company

Hello! My name is Heini Vesander, and I am the Executive Producer for esports at Super Evil Megacorp. Super Evil is a game studio based in San Mateo, California. We build soulful, beautiful core gaming experiences for the next generation of gamers on touch screens.

Could you present your game Vainglory?

Heini:Sure thing! Vainglory is a MOBA for mobile, and the world’s #1 mobile esport. We launched the game in July 2015, after an early release phase, and we’re excited about how enthusiastic our community is! Vainglory is a full-on MOBA for iOS and Android. Players play on a team of 3 against another team of 3 and the goal is to destroy the Vain crystal in the opponent’s home base. The game is about outplaying your opponents real-time using powerful heroes and perfecting team coordination. The game is free to play and download – and there’s no timers or energy mechanics. So players can play as much as they want.

Vainglory is a mobile game, built with Esports in mind, what is your take on Esports on mobile?

Heini:Vainglory was built with the aim to build a deep, meaningful player experience on mobile. A game that’s community-driven and fun to play with friends. We built Vainglory ground up for mobile, without trying to casualize the MOBA genre – nor make a direct port from another platform. In doing so, we built a game that is competitive and fun to watch. We dreamt that the game would become an esport, but honestly, the community surprised us by organizing competitive tournaments way before we even said “esports”. Based on feedback from the community, we added a spectator mode and later a built a spectator client that runs on a mac to empower esports.

The Western Unified Championship stage, in London – ©ESL UK

And so, we believe in the potential of mobile esports. Especially if you look at the numbers – 700 million PCs out there, and 3 billion smartphones. Some day soon, mobile esports will become big. Weather the leading title will be Vainglory or something else remains to be seen. We’re super excited about the growth of our competitive scene, and we’ve welcomed amazing teams like Fnatic, Cloud9, Echo Fox, TSM and G2 esport. We’ve also seen homegrown teams like Hammers and Gansktars succeed. It’s still early days for mobile esports and we’re very excited about the near future.

The Western Unified Championship Trophy, lifted by the winners, Cloud9 – ©ESL UK

How did you discover Toornament?

Heini:The very first Vainglory community tournaments were run by VGL (, and they were using the Toornament platform. It proved to work really well. What we really like is how easy the tournament brackets are to share on social media and especially on websites. VGL inspired us to use Toornament for our Vainglory8 broadcasts!

What are the features you use most on Toornament?

Heini:What’s really great with Toornament is how easy it is to organize and handle big tournaments. It’s also very easy to share access to the many people involved. The platform’s simple design works both for desktop and mobile, and the app is an easy way for teams to follow the status of the tournament.

What feature would you like to see added to Toornament?

Heini:Our first wish is a feature that allows us to schedule multiple matches and series to specific dates and times. Currently, each match needs to be reported manually, which makes the process complicated and slow when the brackets are big. Our second wish is an improved way for teams to report their scores and screenshots of end-of-match.

We’d like to thank Super Evil Megacorp for their trust in our platform, and especially Heini Vesander for having taken the time to answer our questions. As for his wishes, one has already been almost fulfilled, with our Scheduling Tool that allows organizers to batch edit their match schedules on a single page, and many more things possible thanks to our API.
We will keep improving the experience of our users, organizers and participants alike, and we take into account and study every feedback that’s made to us!

HOTS Spring Season is coming to an end

After tough times for its MOBA title, Blizzard has decided to put on a great spread for his new 2017 season with the launch in 2016 of the Heroes Global Championship (HGC), an A-Team league that runs in North America, Europe, China and Korea in a double round robin league format. Teams are earning compensation just for participating, and several international events are set with massive cash prizes. Each season sees a Mid-Season Brawl, divided into Western and Eastern regions, and ends on a Season Championship.

Slots available for the Spring Championship

Having your Esports infrastructure evolve is one thing, but the game itself needed a serious redoing, because of the competition that League of Legends and DOTA2 provide. This led to the release, one month ago, of Heroes of the Storm v2.0, a huge update that didn’t influence the meta, but added a whole lot of new features and contents to the game, among which new heroes, events, battlegrounds and a brand new progression system.

The Phase 1 of the Spring Season is now over for almost a week, and as usual, we have all the results and replays, in case you missed any of it:

This League play was divided into two parts, to let the teams have a break, between mid-february and mid-april, period when was played the Clashes, with teams coming from the leagues, but also teams from minor regions such as ANZ and LATAM:

As for Europe and North America, two teams will advance to the Championship. The first one being the Top Rank from the League Play:

  • ts Tempo Storm in North America
  • fnatic Fnatic in Europe

They will be joined by a second team, winner of the Season Playoffs, that will pit Ranks 2 to 6 from the League Play in a gauntlet-style bracket (meaning it is a single-branch bracket where better seeds from the League get byes into later stages):

Those playoffs will be played over the week-end, and as stated, only one team will come out of each, to try their skill against teams from all over the world in the Spring Championship, set to take place mid-june.

For our french community, Millenium is currently running qualifiers for their Storm Cup, with a 4,000€ cashprize. There are two qualifiers remaining, and you can apply to both of them!

Pour notre communauté française, sachez que Millenium organise actuellement des qualifications pour la Storm Cup, un tournoi à 4000€ de CashPrize dont les phases finales seront jouées à Paris. Il reste deux tournois de qualification, et vous pouvez vous inscrire aux deux!

Présentation du Tournoi

Qualification #3Qualification #4

First Season of the 2nd Year of R6S is in full swing, join the momentum!

First year of Competitive Rainbow Six: Siege has been a blast, with 3 seasons going from March to November. It ended in February with The Six Invitational (on PC and Xbox). We are now a bit further down the Year 2 road, and things have evolved quite a bit since last year. For starter, the roadmap and formats are different:


Just like last year, each season will see a Mid-Season Reinforcement, with major updates, new maps and operators being released into the game. The Velvet Shell Reinforcement introduced a brand new map, Coastline taking place in Spain, along two new Spanish operators:

  • jackal-icon Jackal, the attacker who can track your footsteps
  • jackal-icon Mira, the defender who can see through walls

As for the competition, 8 teams from each region will take part in the Pro League, consisting of regional group matches leading to the qualification for the Regional Playoffs. As for this first season, in case you missed anything, here are the results with replays:

Now that the groups are over, we are moving on to the LAN Regional Playoffs! Semifinals in North America have been played already, with the great absent being Continuum, current PC Champions, eliminated during the Group Stage.

As for Europe, the matches are scheduled to start on the 27th of April (as in tonight if you read this article the day it gets out!), and high level of play is to be expected!

Finally, last region, but not least, Latin America will see its semifinals be played on the 30th of April, after all 4 qualifying matches got dragged all the way to 3 games, and what games!

Stay tuned for more Rainbow Six: Siege action, and why not take part in one of our Community Open Tournaments yourself?

The LoL Mid-Season Invitational is close, time to catch up on the Spring Season!

2017 is to be another amazing year for competitive League of Legends, and we are about to see the end of the first half of it, the Spring Season. This year again, the Season is divided into several tournaments spanning 4 months, 5 continents, hundreds of pro players and more than a thousand matches!
We covered all the major steps of this Season, and are now ready to gather all information into a single place for you to see. As usual, every tournament listed here links to its public page, with detailed results, statistics and replays!

Time to dive into the 2017 Spring Season!

Things started off with the Spring Splits, league play to determine the teams that will reach the Playoffs. Those tournaments lasted for weeks, with points awarded every week depending on the results of each team in their respective matches.
The Challenger Series are a bit of a special case, as they are Tier2 competitions for teams to try to reach the Championship Series (a.k.a the Professional League).

csna Challenger Series: North America
6 Teams
cseu Challenger Series: Europe
6 Teams
lcsna Championship Series: North America
10 Teams
lcseu Championship Series: Europe
2×5 Teams
lck LOL Champions Korea
10 Teams
lms LOL Master Series
8 Teams
lpl LOL Pro League
2×6 Teams

With the Splits over, a variable number of teams got qualified to participate in the Playoffs of their region. This time, no more points awarded, but Single-Elimination formats where only the strongest were to go forward, to try and qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational. And even though Spring Season doesn’t qualify directly for the Worlds Championship, doing well during the season awards the much wanted points that will award a team with a qualification!
Here are the Playoffs and podium for each one:

csna Challenger Series: North America
4 Teams
goldcoin eunited N/A
cseu Challenger Series: Europe
4 Teams
misfits fnaticacademy N/A
lcsna Championship Series: North America
6 teams
tsm cloud9 phoenix1
lcseu Championship Series: Europe
6 Teams
g2 uol fnatic
mlg LOL Champions Korea
5 Teams
skt kt ssg
mlg LOL Master Series
4 Teams
fw ahq jteam
insomnia LOL Pro League
8 Teams
we rng edg

And when the Spring Season is over, it is time to move on to the Mid-Season segment, where teams from the Challenger Series test their skill against the lowest-ranking LCS teams in the Promotion tournaments:

csna Summer Promotion: North America
4 Teams – Winners go to NA LCS
liquid envyus
cseu Summer Promotion: Europe
4 Teams – Winners go to EU LCS
misfitsacademy fnaticacademy

The biggest upset happened in Europe, with both Challenger teams managing to defeat the teams coming from the LCS, and therefore taking the LCS Spots for themselves! No such luck in NA, where the LCS teams managed to hold on to their spots.
As for the Spring Champions, they are now about to face each other in the Mid-Season Invitational, for prize and glory of course, but also and mainly for Worlds’ sake. Indeed, since last year, the MSI is where the seeds for the Worlds are determined. Best ranking teams from the MSI allow their regions to get the best seeds in the Worlds, with a few additional spots available for best-faring secondary regions.

msi Mid-Season Invitational Play-In Stage 1
5 Teams – Winners go to MSI Stage 2
bausm gam
msi Mid-Season Invitational Play-In Stage 2
4 teams – Winners go to MSI Play-Offs
gam gam gam
msi Mid-Season Invitational Main Event
6 Teams
gam gam N/A

This year, the MSI is about to be played in 3 distinct Stages, with teams starting at different stages of the competition depending on the previous results of their region. The starting seeds are as follows:

  1. Teams (Region) seeded into Play-In Stage 1
    redcanids (BR) – vp (CIS) – rampage (JPN) – lyon (LAN)
    isurus (LAS) – dire (OCE) – marines (SEA) – supermassive (TUR)
  2. Teams (Region) seeded into Play-In Stage 2
    tsm (NA) – fw (LMS)
  3. Teams (Region) seeded into Play-Offs (Main Event)
    skt (LCK) – we (CN) – g2 (EU)

Two teams will emerge from the Play-In Stage 1, one per group, and they will move on to fight the two teams seeded in the Stage 2.
They will then have two chances to qualify for the Play-Offs stage, as one win is enough to qualify in a Double-Elimination bracket with 3 out of 4 teams qualified.

Finally, the Main Event will start, with a standard Group Stage + Playoffs structure, at the end of which a MSI Champion will be crowned. It will then be a matter of weeks before the Summer Season starts, inexorably leading to the Championship of all Championships, the Worlds!

10 years of competitive Call of Duty led to this moment!

Competitive Call of Duty has been around for a long time now, with its roots going back to the first Modern Warfare instance. Last year was played the first World League, completing the Pro Circuit qualifying teams for the 2016 CoD World Championship, and this year, 10 years after Modern Warfare came out, we are about to see a Pro League on Infinite Warfare, with unique events and a 5-weeks long LAN Season pitting the very best teams in the world for Pro Points and Cash Prizes.

Here are all the events having already taken place since the launch of Infinite Warfare, and that count towards the 2017 Season, with results and replays, and the podium for each competition:

mlg Las Vegas Open 2016
December 2016
risenation cloud9 faze
gfinity London Invitational 2017
January 2017
orbit splyce elevate
mlg Atlanta Open 2017
February 2017
eunited optic envyus
eswc Paris Open 2017
February 2017
optic faze risenation
esl Sydney Open 2017 #1
March 2017
mindfreak taintedminds validateblack
mlg Dallas Open 2017
March 2017
optic eunited faze
insomnia Birmingham Open 2017
April 2017
epsilon splyce fnatic

16 teams have qualified through the Pro Points standings (10 from North America, 5 from Europe and 1 from Asia-Pacific), and have been seeded into the 4 groups of the Global Pro League. Each group will be played over one of the 4 next week-ends:

The Playoffs will be played with the now-popular Double-Elimination format, with the best 2 teams from each group starting in the Winner Bracket.

The 3rd team from each group will not take part in the Playoffs, but will nonetheless qualify for the Stage 2, the CWL Anaheim Open and the COD World League Championship. The last team from each group will have to go through Relegation to secure their spot in the Stage 2 of the Pro League.

Stay tuned to Toornament for all results and information regarding the CWL Pro League!

Danes love Esports, and the Copenhagen Games are the proof!

A few days back, we introduced you to the Gamers Assembly, one of the most iconic LAN parties in France and Europe, but that was not all! The Copenhagen Games, another landmark in European esports, is happening this week in Denmark. Competitions started yesterday, and are to last until Sunday following a tight and intense schedule.
A thousand participants are expected to fight in half a dozen different tournaments, and we are proud that Toornament was chosen, for the third consecutive year, to be the platform powering the tournaments, listed below:

csgo CS:GO Open & Main
76 Teams – Groups + Bracket
Played on PC
53 000€
csgo Samsung CS:GO Ladies
28 Teams – Groups + Bracket
Played on PC
14 000€
overwatch Pizzaburger Overwatch
8 Teams – Swiss System + Bracket
Played on PC
9 000€
fifa17 ELGiganten Fifa 17 (Tourney #1 and Tourney #2)
2*64 Players – Groups + Bracket
Played on PS4
5 200 €
hearthstone Hearthstone
200 Players – Swiss System + Bracket
Played on PC/Mobile
2 660€
codiw CoD: Infinite Warfare
24 Teams – Double-Bracket
Played on PS4
1 300 €
leagueoflegends League of Legends
8 Teams – Groups + Bracket
Played on PC
1 300 €

But this event is not just for players, the week is also filled with Esport Conferences and Cosplay happenings, among other things.
If you cant not make it to Copenhagen to follow this event live, make sure to check what is happening on the Official Twitch Channel, and the livestreams of the Community Streamers that will follow and comment the whole party!

What happened during the StarSeries S.3 Finals?

Last week-end were played the Finals for the Season 3 of the i-League StarSeries, with not less than 16 of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in the world.
Starladder’s choice for this season has been to go with the Swiss-like system already used in the ESL One: New York in 2016. With double the teams for double the fun, 8 invited teams were to fight 8 qualified teams during the Group Stage.

Tournament & Teams

Invited Europe Qualifier China Qualifier America Qualifier
astralis ninjasinpyjamas fnatic mvpproject immortals
fazeclan north g2esports uya counterlogicgaming
gambitgaming skgaming tyloo hellraisers
natusvincere virtuspro Click on an icon to see the matches from that team in the Group Stage.
All matches have detailed results and replays available !

8 teams qualified from the Group Stage for the Playoffs, and are, in order:

  1. (3-0 score) G2 Esports & Natus Vincere
  2. (3-1 score) North, Astralis & HellRaisers
  3. (3-2 score) Fnatic, CounterLogic Gaming & FaZe Clan

The finalists were then seeded into the Finals bracket depending on their Group Stage ranking, and well let you have a general look before going further into what happened:

FaZe Clan, which barely managed to qualify from the Group Stage, with the #8th rank, finally overcame the challenge and won the trophy, against all odds. Other teams with impressive results were HellRaisers and CLG, which were not expected to perform as well as they did.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, both Brazilian squads, SK Gaming and Immortals have been under-performing during this event, and so was

Maps Stats

All 7 maps from the Active Duty Pool have been played during the tournament, but some teams clearly had a bias towards their favorite ones, and as such, some maps have been much more played than others.
Here is the detail of the maps and who were the best teams and players performing on each:

Map Times played Win Rate
(CT / T)
Top Team Top Player
inferno 11 45%/55% fnatic GuardiaN
mirage 10 43.2%/56.8% skgaming s1mple
cbble 8 45.3%/54.7% g2esports shox
train 6 63.7%/36.3% fnatic KRiMZ
cache 6 51.5%/48.5% hellraisers AdreN
overpass 6 60.9%/39.1% g2esports shox
nuke 4 58.3%/41.7% ninjasinpyjamas Xizt

VOD Selection

Even though the whole competition is pretty much a must-see for any and all CS:GO fans, if you do not have time to catch up on every single match, we did a selection for you, so you would not miss the best moments of this historic tournament. Those are maybe not the highest-level games, but the ones you don’t want to miss:

Stage Teams Maps Link
Group Stage
Round 1
hellraisersfazeclan cache Replay
Group Stage
Round 2
northastralis inferno Replay
Group Stage
Round 3
natusvincerenorth inferno Replay
Group Stage
Round 4
counterlogicgaminggambitgaming cobblestone Replay
Group Stage
Round 5
counterlogicgamingimmortals cache Replay
northhellraisers cobblestonecacheoverpass Replay
fazeclanhellraisers miragetrain Replay
Grand Finals
astralisfazeclan miragenukeinferno Replay
In case you only really have 3 minutes, here is the aL’s FragMovie, with the very best actions from the tournament. Bonus

We hope you enjoyed this tournament and were able to make up for anything you’d have missed during the week-end!
See you next time for another epic esports tournament!

Discover one of the most emblematic French LAN: the Gamers Assembly

For those of you who don’t know what the Gamers Assembly is, a few numbers from the 2016 edition of what is one of the biggest European LAN:

  • 3 days
  • 12 games
  • 1 800 players
  • 17 000 visitors

Gamers Assembly is back in 2017, from the 15th to 17th of April, in Poitiers, France, with one objective in mind: beating those high scores. It looks like the feat is about to be achieved, as the 3-days BYOC LAN will feature 17 tournaments this year, spanning over 14 games; and as you read those lines, more than 1900 participants have registered to compete!

Without further ado, the tournaments list:

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
48 Teams – Groups + Bracket
Played on PC
10 000€
lol League of Legends
56 Teams – Groups + Double-Bracket
Played on PC
10 000€
overwatch HyperX Overwatch Trophy
48 Teams – Groups + Double-Bracket
Played on PC
8 000€
r6s Rainbow Six: Siege (PC)
24 Teams – Groups + Double-Bracket
Played on PC
7 500€
r6s Rainbow Six: Siege (Xbox One)
16 Teams – Groups + Double-Bracket
Played on XBox One
7 500€
hearthstone Hearthstone
264 Players – Groups + Double-Bracket
Played on PC
6 400€
codiw Nacon Trophy Call of Duty: IW
24 Teams – Double-Bracket
Played on PS4
5 000€
sf5 Nacon Trophy Street Fighter V
128 Players – Groups + Double-Bracket
Played on PC
3 000€
sc2 Starcraft II
66 Players – Groups + Double-Bracket
Played on PC
3 000€
fifa-17-icon-48x48-medium Fifa 17
128 Players – Groups + Bracket
Played on Xbox One
3 000€
stadium Trackmania 2: Stadium
64 Players – Double-Bracket
Played on PC
2 200€
tf2 Infomax Team Fortress 2 Trophy
8 Teams – Double-Bracket
Played on PC
2 100€
ssb Super Smash Bros Wii U
66 Players – (Groups +) Double-Bracket
Played on WiiU
1 500€
rocketleague Plantronics Rocket League Trophy
24 Teams – Groups + Bracket
Played on PC
1 500€
fullspeed Trackmania FullSpeed
16 Players – Double-Bracket
Played on PC
dirt Trackmania Dirt
24 Players – Double-Bracket
Played on PC
canyon Trackmania 2: Canyon
16 Players – Double-Bracket
Played on PC

If you wish to participate in any of those tournaments, one single link:


All tournaments and results are also available on the Toornament Mobile App, you can look for the Gamers Assembly ones, or yours, or any other tournament you’re interested in!

Since 2014, Gamers Assembly tournaments have been organized and managed on Toornament, and we are proud to be the go-to platform for such a huge and successful event! You can find all current and past tournaments on Toornament:

And if all of this was not enough to hype you up, maybe the Official Trailer will:


Dive into the DOTA Asia Championships 2017

12 Teams have been competing in one of the biggest DotA 2 tournaments of the year for 2 weeks, and it has now come to an end. First, here is the breakdown of the origin of those teams:

Invited China Qualifier America Qualifier Europe Qualifier SEA Qualifier CIS Qualifier
wings_logo invictus-gaming_logo team_np_logo faceless_logo liquid_logo empire_logo
evil-geniuses_logo team-vg-j_logo Click on an icon to see the matches from that team in the Group Stage.

All matches have detailed results, statistics and replays available !

og_logo invictus-gaming-vitality_logo
newbee_logo lgd-forever-young_logo

The Group Stage has been quite a fight, with 60 games played, and it is time to take a look at some statistics, all obtained via the Toornament API during the coverage of the competition, a process available to all organizers.

  • 41 Minutes per game
  • 47.8 Kills per game
  • 49 Deaths per game
  • 113 Assists per game

Even though the fights were tense, a trend in Win Rates could be seen, as seen in the Side comparison, and the extremes for teams:

Group Stage – Win Rate
radiant 55%45% dire
og_logo 90%20% faceless_logo

OG‘s Win Rate of course reflects on their Income, as they earned around 13,2k Gold per player and per game, but they are far from the best farmers there is, ranking 6th, with the Top place going to Newbee with 1,136 Last Hits per game, which translates to a staggering 227 Last Hits per player on their team. But this had an other effect, in that Newbee was also the team with the longest duration for Won Games, with an average of 49 Minutes per game.

And before we move on to the Main Event, let’s take a look at some champion statistics:

Champion Games played Win Rate (>5games) Pick/Ban Rate
monkeyking 26 58% 43% / 17%
earthspirit 26 58% 43% / 28%
lina 22 77% 37% / 10%
magnus 19 69% 32% / 62%

Now, on to even more serious matters with the Main Event! All 12 teams qualified at the end of the Group Stage, but got seeded into the Double-Elimination Bracket depending on their results (best two teams from each group started in the Winners’ Bracket, all others in the Losers’ Bracket).

Before we get into some more statistics, here is the final Bracket with detailed results, statistics and replays, once again. The first round of the Losers’ Bracket pitting teams that ranked 3rd-6th in the groups is in a separate group accessible through the menu (Matches > Losers’ Round 1):

And now, the statistics! 30 games were played, in 14 matches:

  • 45 Minutes per game
  • 46.3 Kills per game
  • 47.4 Deaths per game
  • 113 Assists per game

Games were a bit longer, with a bit less kills and deaths, but still as many assists, revealing an even more teamplay-oriented strategy from the teams. Let’s delve a bit deeper into numbers from the teams of the Top-8 during the Main Event (once again, logos link to the matches of said team, where you will be able to find detailed match results and statistics, along with replays):

Team Rank Team Kills Avg. Team Deaths Avg. Team Assists Avg. Team K/D/A Avg. Player Gold Avg.
invictus-gaming_logo 1st 25.6 18.4 61 4.72 12,424
og_logo 2nd 22.4 26.4 59.4 3.1 14,210
newbee_logo 3rd 20.7 23.4 47.8 2.9 10,926
invictus-gaming-vitality_logo 4th 20.1 23 55.6 3.29 10,885
empire_logo 5-6th 19.2 22 46 2.96 10,177
evil-geniuses_logo 30.7 23.8 65.5 4.04 12,728
team-vg-j_logo 7-8th 27 22.8 71.8 4.33 9,728
faceless_logo 26 31 57.8 2.70 11,482

And to conclude, a quick Champion overview, with the record holder of each category during the Main Event:

Champion Games played Win Rate (>5games) Pick/Ban Rate
earthspirit 18 44% 57% / 27%
invoker 8 75% 27% / 23%
alchemist 7 71% 23% / 67%

We hope you enjoyed this tournament as much as we did, and if you couldn’t follow it live, you have all you need to catch up now!

HaloWC 2017 is upon us! Let’s take a look at the whole season

When talking about Esport shooters, Halo 5 Guardians sure is an outsider, but it would be an error to underestimate or mock the title, or its achievements.

After an astonishing 2016 year, that started with a $2.500.000 World Championship, culminating point of a season that span over 4 monthes, Halo 5 is back for its second annual World Championship, one year precisely after its first iteration.

12 teams have qualified through various tournaments to secure their spot in the World Finals, after several seeding tournaments where cash prizes and ranking points were available.

First off, there were the Seasonal Regional Finals (all links from here on are with results & VODs available!):

Then the unique LAN events started, early 2017, with the Saint Louis Qualifier, that was to offer 2 qualifying spots, but ended giving seeding points towards the next qualifiers. Next up was the London Qualifier, where FAB Games and Supremacy won their tickets. The Mexico Qualifier came afterwards, with one qualifying spot grabbed by SoaR Gaming (known as ShockTheWorld at the time).
Finally, 6 out of the 9 remaining slots were for grabs in the Las Vegas Qualifier, and there, OpTic Gaming (current champions, previously under the Counter Logic Gaming banner), Team Liquid, Team EnvyUs, TMMT Crowd Pleasers (previously Pnda Gaming), Str8 Rippin and Luminosity Gaming qualified.

3 teams were still to be selected to participate in the 7-figures World Championship, and after the representative from ANZ got selected, Last Chance Qualifiers were held online in Europe and North America with 1 slot each. The teams that qualified were:

  • Team Immunity (ANZ)
  • London Conspiracy (EU)
  • Splyce (NA)

We now have our 12 participating teams, and the 2017 World Championship is about to begin!