Use case: Dreamhack Valencia

Dreamhack is a household name in Esports events and Dreamhack Valencia has become a major rendez-vous for players from Spain and around. They chose to manage their BYOC tournaments.

We met with their head of eSports, Jesús A. Canales. Read his great insights on the pressure of running both a top tier Esport event and a large scaled LAN Party!


Can you introduce yourself?

Hi everybody! My names’s Jesus. I was born in Mallorca in 1985, but I’ve been living in Barcelona since 2008. I’m an IT enthusiast who has been working as a developer for more than 10 years. I’m a big fan of video games (especially shooters) and I a have a very competitive mind. This is one of the reasons I love eSports: the Competition.

Now I’m working in a Spanish Social Point, the largest Spanish studio for mobile video games. I work besides at DreamHack Spain as the Head of eSports, focusing on the yearly event and managing the streaming throughout the year.


How did you start working in Esports?
In 2009 I joined a startup called Fandroid as Technical Manager. For two years and a half I developed and maintained the website, while helping as much as possible the eSports Manager during all the tournaments.

After two hard-working years we launched the first national eSports league, LVP. We produced 3 LAN events in 6 months and it was how I started in eSports. LVP eventually become the leading eSports company in Spain, and I decided to leave and keep growing in other companies.


Is the pressure high when running a Dreamhack labeled event?

An event like DreamHack requires so much work over a lot of months, especially the last 2 ones. We are a small group which works for months to prepare the event. The month before the event, the Crew joins us and we have to coordinate all the sponsors and partners communication, all while the Crew sets the activities and booths up.

All the people involved in the event wants to contact us and wants a response as soon as possible and we end up receiving more than 100 mails/day, all of them requiring a quick response. Prioritizing is a challenge.

What motivates us is the feeling of creating an place for more than 30,000 people who wants to enjoy a LAN party or meet their favorite pro-players. We have to do our best to give all the people who trust us the best experience possible and make them want to come back next year.


What are the main challenges you face?
I want to push DreamHack to one of the most attractive tournaments for international teams, not just Spanish or Portuguese ones. I think Spanish teams can reach the level other europeans teams and DreamHack Valencia must be the place where can showcase their skill on as much games as possible.

I would like to bring console tournaments and fighting games back. In the past, we had Street Fighter and Call of Duty for XBOX, but these last years, the lack of players made it almost impossible to keep those games in our line up.

My main challenge is to give all the Spanish players the content they want, and make DreamHack Valencia the most interesting LAN Party in Spain.


Let’s talk about Toornament: what are the main features you use?
We mostly create bracket tournaments and manage results. Online registration is also a key feature.


Your favorite one?
The possibility to use the platform as a register platform. We used to use email to register players before and all this hassle being handled through Toornament saves us loads of time.


Wishlist time: is there something you’d like us to add?
– Add notes only visible by admins and players/teams
– Add match name and time in the bracket view
– Allow to configure multiple matches in a row (day, hour, box, f.e)
– Add an option to allow teams to change their roster until a specified time (1 hour before, 24…)
– Notifications to teams/players about their next match or match changes.
– Increase the limit of participants in Swiss tournament (now is 512, we needed more).


Final words!
I’m very happy with We tried some others but this is the more complete platform I’ve used so far, and the support that all the team gave us was incredible – They even come to our event to meet us. I will use for our next events for sure.


Use case: ESWC COD 2016

For the second year in a row, we’ve powered ESWC’s famous COD tournament, making extensive use of our features and testing a few new ones. Here’s the breakdown!


1 Paid Registration


The Online Qualifiers for each region all went through our Paid Registration system to collect the participants’ fees coming from all-over the world.

2 Structure


The tournament organizers picked a “Bracket Groups + Single Elimination Playoffs” structure, and manually modified the Playoff seeding to even the rest time for all the teams.

3 Overlays


A premiere. Tapping into our API, the production crew was able to generate real-time overlays with all the results, scores and maps. The regular method is to manually check a match result and then create a graphic through Photoshop, before sending it over the screen. We all know this is a hassle which lacks reactivity and can lead to typos and errors.

These automated overlays are one of the numerous uses you can make from our API.

4 Toornament TV


The Toornament TV was the Gaming Zone welcome screen, so that every participant, journalist or admin could be up-to-date in the blink of an eye. It was also put to good use on the main stage and streams. Information is key!

5 Widgets


Most media such as Dexerto, Millenium and aAa used our widgets to display the latest results in real-time, allowing their reporters to focus on interviews, photos and analysis.

6 Mobile app


We advertised our mobile app to everyone from the audience to the players so that everyone could know everything from anywhere!

Follow all the Gamers Assembly tournaments this week-end


Gamers Assembly 2016, one of the most established LAN Party in France starts this week-end and we’re proud to power its 24 tournament – yes, 24! From CS:GO to Street Fighter V, Overwatch to Rocket League, or LoL to Hearthstone, no gamer will be left behind.


For the past few years, The Gamers Assembly organizers have been great partners, early adopters of our latest features and providers of great feedback.

Stay tuned this week end, there will be plenty to watch (yes, 24 tournaments):

And here are more tournaments to follow. Enjoy, happy LANing!

Let’s put the spotlight on you

You know the drill: “Harness the power of Toornament to produce great competition!”

But do you know that you can also benefit from our social channels to put the spotlight on your tournament. Here’s how:


We’re committed to support our organizers projects through our Twitter feed. We cover all the eSport news that matter for eSport professionals, from Marketing to Business and Trends. We also want to promote our community so that organizers have a better knowledge of what their peers are up to.

Feel free to bip us, adding @toornament in your tweet and we’d be happy to RT, share or give a shootout!

Use Case

We’re pushing our focuses on our community with interviews and case studies published on our blog and pushed through our Twitter and newsletter.


Here are some examples:

If you want to share your experience as an eSport organizer, just fire us an email and we’ll get back to you to see how we can tell your story together.

Featured tournament

As you know, we cover all the major tournaments in eSports. The LCS, International, ESL One, Starladder, PGL and other top tier events are all covered by our dedicated team.

We want to expand from there and add to the fleet a few high quality tournaments. Want to make it to our featured selection? Submit your tournament. Just keep in mind that we’ll just pick a few, so maximize your chances by meeting these requirements:

  • Must use most of the basic Toornament features
  • Must be filled with as much information as possible
  • Must be actively updated to get all the scores and information asap
  • Must be recognized and respected already in your region
  • Solid prizes (money prize or gear prize) boost your credibility


And of course, we’re always on to give a hand if you need help, straight from your dashboard.


The support team will answer your questions and give all the tips and advices you need. That’s a good place to start until we write about you!

Case study: Ubisoft Gaming League

Saying that video games professionals are video games lovers is an understatement and Ubisoft employees won’t say otherwise…


Esport enthusiasts from Ubisoft Montréal started an in-house gaming league. It’s a common thing nowadays. But when most people will simply play during lunch time in the leisure area, the Ubisoft people went further.



The UGL (Ubisoft Gaming League) engages hundreds of former-colleagues-now-rivals over a wide array of Esport games – and not just the Ubisoft ones :

  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Fifa
  • Rocket League
  • Just Dance
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Street Fighter
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Starcraft
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends


Growing through 3 seasons already, the UGL has now its dedicated stage, trophies, admins and casters. That’s what we call some serious dedication to competition! Maybe it has to do with the presence of several progamers among the Ubisoft workforce?


Anyway, we’re thrilled that the UGL picked Toornament to run all their competitions. They used every tools they could and came back to us with great feedback and requests specific to running toornaments for active people dealing with other schedules and agendas (yes, full time workers may have a job to deal with).




We love to see commited organizers on both pro and amateurs levels. Or in the case of UGL, “amateur level in a pro environment”. If you run an office league, we’ll be happy to help!


Case study: Meltdown Tavern Hero

This season, Blizzard launched its exciting Hearthstone tournaments taking place in gaming bars, the Tavern Hero series.


As the leading eSport bars franchise in the world, Meltdown bars were hosting several of these tournaments. Also long time power users of Toornament, they invited us to come and check how they ran the event using our solutions.



Hearthstone and Meltdown’s popularity has always impressed us and for a rainy Saturday afternoon, it was quite a sight to see a filled bar!


At the center of the gaming zone, Meltdown’s events coordinator Clément was gathering results and scores from the participants on the admin computer.



The updated information was then automatically displayed on all the bar’s televisions through Toornament TV.




Some participants were also using the mobile app to stay up-to-date with their next match schedule, especially the ones still in the winner bracket who traditionally have to wait for the Loser Bracket to advance.


It wasn’t a problem tho, as cocktails and training partners were all over the place! It was a pleasure to follow the tournament and everything went smoothly for the participants and the audience.

All this with just one organizer and one eSport platform…




Here are the final results for the Meltdown Paris Tavern Hero tournament:

This is how the Meltdown City Clash will award points

Following the release of our new Points Awarding settings (read more here), the popular eSports Bar franchise Meltdown will use one of them for its in-house League of Legends competition, the Meltdown City Clash – Winter Edition, starting this week.

12 Meltdown bars from different cities will face each other, calling their own customers to arms.


Meltdown’s tournament director opted for a quite refreshing way to award points.

Based on a “Best of 5″ format and using “Match Score” setting, each match will thus award up to 5 points for the winner, as each won game means one point. This approach will make each series more exciting until the last game, as opposed to boring games when one opponent reaches the traditional 3 points mark.

Follow the Meltdown City Clash Winter on Toornament:

Check the customized Meltdown City Clash Winter Toornament TV page!


Use case: Dreamhack Tours 2016

For the second year in a row, we’ll power the Dreamhack Tours, which just opened its registrations.

Dreamhack Tours, May 14-16 2016


Here are the advanced features they used to run one of the 2016 major event:

Official BYOC tournaments

Our core business: eSport tournaments management. Let’s power these great competitions.

Counter-Strike: GO – 32 teams
Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void – 64 players
League Of Legends – 48 teams
Hearthstone – 128 players
Free Gaming Area – 128 players

Paid Registration

We handle all the money transactions for the organizers through our secured platform. To benefit from this feature, just apply for the “Trusted User” status (more details here), it’s easy and mandatory to “prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing”.
The Paid Registration process has been set up beforehand to open at the desired time frame.

Embedded Widgets

Our widgets enrich the Dreamhack website, as we can’t stress enough how showing all the information on one centralized place helps.

Custom fields

The organizers needed to gather important information, such as name/last name, age and game iDs and thus, created custom fields. They finally set up privacy mode to keep this data only visible to the admins.


The Dreamhack organizing team will be able to generate players lists, including the custom fields datas, to feed and optimize their CRM and Mailing platforms. Learn more about our free, open API here and here.

Check In

The critical choke point that is the Welcome Desk can use features such players checking, to inform in real time the admin team who’s here and who’s late. The API will also come in handy to help manage the wave of participants and audience.

Toornament TV

Our public display solution (main stage, information screens, stream) will help the participants, on-site and online audience to stay updated with the numerous tournaments of this Dreamhack Tours 2016.

Can 3 people manage two 128-participants open Hearthstone? Yes, thanks to our mobile app!

As our platform powers all the ESWC tournaments this year again, a new challenger arised: two 128-slots, open Hearthstone tournaments…

These type of events are hard to handle, as you can’t predict who’s going to show up, if participants are aware of the rules, the schedules etc. and ultimately prepare accordingly. Everything has to be handled on day one. This can lead to a need for a massive team admin required to constantly welcome and guide the participants.

The objective here was to rely as much as possible on our services to run a large scale tournament with a small admin team composed of 2 people at the welcome desk and 1 person to report the match results.

The admins provided each participant with a flyer showing the instructions to download the Toornament eSports app and from there, check up their tournament’s schedule. Knowing who your next opponent is and where you stand in the bracket proved to be very useful.


With the addition of the Toornament TVs, information was spread effectively around the gaming zone and everyone, from the organizers to the participants, were on the same page from beginning to end.

We believe more and more tournament organizers will rely on our solutions to save time human ressources. We’re already working on our next features in this view: soon will be released the much anticipated participants login, allowing them to report their match score by themselves!

Download our free “Toornament eSports” app for iOS and Android

A Toornament case study : ESWC COD 2015

Last week end, the ESWC held its first COD exclusive tournament at Le Zénith Paris. This top tier event was a great opportunity for us to showcase all the tools and new features recently released on Toornament.

We first worked with ESWC tournament director Sylvain Maillard to set up the formats, structures, seedings and the permissions for his admin and referees teams. The pools were generated from the initial manual seeding and all matches were played from three spots : the two gaming stations and the main stage.


The ESWC COD 2015 is the first event using our new Toornament TV (see all details here). A Toornament TV display was put in the heart of the gaming zone, helping everyone (admins, players, medias) passing by to get all the necessary informations in the glimpse of an eye.
Later, Toornament TV was also used on the streams, to provide with in-between matches contents.


Our mobile app is now out for iOS and Android and was used by admins, players and a few in the know spectators. As expected, the mobile app will bring great informations in real time for everyone, everywhere. It worked so well during the event that we’re about to build a solid score ticker offer in the next few days, bringing all the major tournaments and games results on Toornament !

Download Toornament for iOS (free)

Download Toornament for Android (free)


All in all, we’re very happy with the way Toornament handled all the needs from ESWC. Our goal is to provide an exhaustive array of features, all tightly packed in a smooth experience, whatever the screen it’s used on.

At the time of writing, our team is now at Dreamhack France, another great Esport event using Toornament !