Interview with founder and CTO Olivier Paradis

Following the new subscription plans announcement we conducted an interview with Olivier Paradis the founder and CTO of

Why launch paid plans on Toornament now?

In the past few years, we have identified the new needs of esports actors, with more complex tools not only aimed at organizing tournaments.

These needs follow the ever-increasing professionalization of the sector, and diversification of its participants. Therefore, we created paid offers to meet the challenging needs of the professionals.

We supply these services through a SaaS subscription model which allows for a clearer setting in using our tools and handling users’ data.

What are the fundamental differences between free and paid subscription on Toornament?

We kept a free offer to let everyone organize a tournament. All features purely dedicated to organizing a competition have remained available in the free plan.

The paid plans meet the needs of organizers who need features that go beyond organizing a tournament, but remain essential. They are for example about gathering data, highlighting sponsors, displaying information on a partner’s website or their own with specific branding, or even building a custom registration process.

How do you see the esports ecosystem evolve in the coming years?

We think that the professionals will be more numerous, varied and demanding. The volume of competitions will also grow, be about more games and platforms, and involve both amateur and professional players.

Esports will become a core activity for some studios, because it creates community involvement, retention and longevity for the games. Players will be able to easily access their results because they will be automatically gathered and displayed via APIs.

Furthermore, an increasing number of brands see esports as a great means of communication, and will want to associate with players, teams and competitions. We see more and more operations organized by agencies on behalf of brands.

Toornament aims at accompanying professionals and providing them with the tools they need to take these challenges on.